Let the wedding ceremony be everything you want to say to each other and to let the world know about this wonderful joining of two people in love, looking forward to the future together. Remember this is about you and your partner and the special bond you have.

Weddings should be the most joyous time and as individual as you both are. Planning a wedding is a big job but the ceremony is the announcement and commitment of your lives together and needs someone who can give the ceremony the attention to detail you deserve to show the friends and family your everlasting  joining together of two individuals. This is a transition of your lives together into the next fantastic world of marriage and all it brings.

I will visit you at a time convenient to you both and have that first talk to see if I am the right person for you and at this point there is no obligation, just a talk about you and what you want as a couple. Then if you are happy we can start creating that very special ceremony that reflects you and your partner’s future together.

Same Sex Weddings

What a fantastic Idea, you are getting married! Let me be part of your great journey by creating your special ceremony that is you and your partner.

This year is the most creative as the 20’s theme is so now and the dress is so special for the era and your ceremony. There are of course many other themes and rituals you can add to make your wedding as unique as you both are. I love the special things that can be included to you ceremony that is so individual and special to you both. Open your mind up to the most memorable wedding for you and your partner.

Let’s take a journey together into this new world of love and your future as a married couple and a statement of your love and commitment to each other.


I have, I believe, an understanding and compassion for people and events or transitions in their lives. And when it comes to the passing of someone I feel I can help with the respect and dignity that your loved one deserves.

To be part of your loved ones ceremony and to help you through this time of transition would be my privilege.
I would like to commemorate the life and give it meaning in a unique and individual way that represents the life of the person that has past. I will visit you and talk about what you want as a family and help you commemorate the life of your loved one. I will help you create the ceremony that is as individual as your loved one was and still is in your heart.

Let your feeling be known and your joy of having been part of their lives. Make this going away special and memorable for everyone in a way that is unique to this person’s life. There are many ideas that I can share with you to give that special touch of love, respect and memories of joy that you want everyone to know.

Public Speaking

I also offer a wide range of public speaking services across Melbourne for corporate functions, public events, community days and more.

If you have a function coming up, your MC or spokesperson is an important aspect to consider to ensure your audience is engaged and your message is delivered smoothly. For many people public speaking is one of their greatest fears, but with many years of experience and formal training, I can help your event with inspirational, entertaining and thought-provoking speaking services. Get in touch with me today to discuss the details!